Kline Dominates at 2014 Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days

During the weekend of July 11-13, Trevor Kline raced various vintage bikes at Mid-Ohio Vintage Motorcycle Days. At the end of the weekend, he had secured the Overall Vintage Hare Scramble National Championship. Trevor raced a bike of his own in addition to three bikes owned by Mike Scholl (another long-time Wheelsports customer).


Trevor rode his 1974 Husqvarna 400 CR to the Overall victory in the Vintage Hare Scramble.

Friday – July 11

Trevor rode his 1974 Husqvarna 400 CR to the Overall victory in the Vintage Hare Scramble on Friday.

"He made a small mistake in the beginning, but before the second lap was complete he had passed everyone and began to stretch his lead," Scholl said. "By the third lap, he was long gone -- totally separating himself from the field. His win was very impressive to say the least."

Trevor Kline aboard the 1974 Heikki Mikkola replica bike built and owned by Mike Scholl. Kline raced it in the vintage motocross.

Saturday – July 12

In the vintage motocross, Trevor started where he left off on Friday. His first MX class of the day was the Open A. He started in the second row behind all the EVO 1 A class, which are bikes almost 10 years newer than what Trevor was riding (a 1974 Heikki Mikkola replica Scholl built from scratch).

“In his second moto, again starting from the second row, it was obvious that Trevor didn't want to settle on just winning his class,” Scholl said. “He went out, rode the wheels off the bike, and passed everyone to take his second moto. Tom White, the announcer, was beside himself as he called Trevor's race. He kept saying how good Trevor looked on the bike. Trevor rode a very smart race and did what he needed to do – win.” 

In Trevor's second race, he was lined up against the reining Vintage Grand National Champion - Quinn.

 “You could tell he was ready to show everyone watching that he is ready for the challenge,” Scholl said. “Trevor led the 250 A pack on my 1974 Husqvarna 250 ‘Mag.’ The bike was crisp and set up perfect for Trevor. He made his first moto win look easy.”

Trevor’s second moto his start was not quite perfect and he found himself behind the reining Off-Road Vintage Grand Championship winner Quinn Wentzel.

“Quinn did not want to let Trevor get around him and tried to ‘slam the door’ on Trevor,” Scholl said. “Quinn tried to hold a tight line through a long sweeping turn, and Trevor powered around him on the outside making the pass with ease. Trevor again pulled away with a dominating performance taking another win for the day.”

Trevor aboard the built-from-scratch trials bike owned by Mike Scholl. Kline raced it in the vintage trials competition.

Sunday – July 13

Going into the trials, no one was sure on how the championship would end up. There were some uncertainties on Quinn's score, because he DNF the hare scramble. In the end, he still received points.

Trevor was trying his hand for the second time at the title but with a custom-built, one-of-a-kind vintage Husqvarna trials bike.

“He had a rough start to the day,” Scholl said. “When unloading the bike, the front brake cable broke. Trevor’s dad was able to take the cable off the hare scramble bike and fix the problem.”

Trevor fires the bike up to take it through tech inspection, and it begins to run poorly. The new 250 motor was installed replacing last year’s 400 motor a week before the event, and it was untested.

“Hoping everything would be okay turned out to be a mistake,” Scholl said. “Trevor struggled to make it through the first round. Trevor’s dad and I changed the jetting in the woods, and it instantly came to life. I followed Trevor through sections 5-10 and his smile was bigger than ever. He managed to go from last in his class to 16th.”

Fourth Year Competing

“This was Trevor's fourth VMD and each year it just keeps getting better,” Scholl said. “I am so proud of him and what he has accomplished so far in his career. I hope to continue to support his vintage racing, as he keeps the J & J Cycle Sales name standing tall and out in front.”

About the Bikes

Trevor bought his 1974 Husqvarna 400 CR from a vendor at Vintage Days two years ago. (Rode bike in hare scrambles)

The 1974 CR 250 ‘Mag’ Husqvarna that Trevor rode was originally purchased through Scholl’s parents’ business. Scholl found the bike in Pickerington, and it took him six months to restore it. (Rode bike in motocross)

The 1974 Heikki Mikkola replica bike that Trevor raced was built from the ground up. Scholl built it similar to a bike his dad used to own. The bike that his dad owned was a race bike of Dick Burleson’s, so he wanted to build a bike that was a combination of Dick's & Heikki's bikes. You can see the J & J name on all the number plates. (Rode bike in motocross)

The trials bike is a combination of several years. The majority of the items used were from 1973-74, but there are a couple items from the 80s. The handle bars are current and the muffler is off a KTM. Trevor’s dad, Charlie, was the main fabricator. He did the frame, seat & tank and the paint job. The tank was actually split apart and a section was taken out making it much more narrow. (Rode bike in trials)