AMA Updates for 2014 & GNCC Becomes AMA-Sanctioned Once Again

Whether you race GNCCs or not, you will want to watch RacerTV's segment about becoming AMA-sanctioned once again, simply to learn about all the changes for AMA going forward. If you're short on time, you can take a look below for some highlights.

Membership Dues Yearly Rates:

$49 AMA Competition membership


$98 family membership that covers up to five immediate family members living in the same household


$29 youth membership if the rider is 11 years old or younger


$20 single-event pass option sold trackside. The $20 fee can be applied to full membership dues if the rider upgrades within 60 days.


Benefits of AMA membership (just to name a few):

1) American Motorcyclist magazine - available in two versions (street and recreational riding OR off-road riding and AMA-sanctioned competition events)

2) Members who elect to auto-renew their AMA memberships receive AMA Roadside Assistance for no additional charge

3) Eligible to purchase rider accident medical insurance through the AMA