At Wheelsports, we value safety and strongly encourage our customers to complete safety training. Training is not only ideal for beginners, but provides a great refresher for those who have already been operating the equipment.

Motorcycle Safety

Helmet Safety: See whether your helmet is DOT compliant and how to properly care for your helmet.

Hands-On Training: The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) is a great not-for-profit that creates and implements training courses for new and experienced riders. These courses range from those just learning to ride and provide a great refresher for those who have been riding for years. The MSF even offers advanced rider courses for those seeking a challenge.

Visit Ohio’s MSF streetbike course training site at:

To learn more about the MSF streetbike course and to sign up, visit:

To learn more about the MSF dirt bike course and to sign up, visit: 

Stihl Safety

The Wheelsports team wants you to stay safe when using Stihl equipment. That’s why it is important to understand your tools and follow safety procedures.

To view safety tips, visit:

To view protective / work wear, visit:

To view product safety manuals, visit: